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Frequently Asked Questions⚓︎

How do I install the app?⚓︎

You can install Apogee Playground from Google Play or from App Store.


Learn more about Installation

How does Apogee work?⚓︎

What does the app do?⚓︎

Apogee Playground helps people to make a list of the activities that they enjoy doing with and for others, and make money doing that. It helps people do what they love together with the people who support that. The person who expresses oneself starts attracting the people who are interested in their vibe. They become the center of a community that compliments their feelings. They will not only feel free doing what they like but also won’t get a sense of judgement from this community.

Apogee Playground helps you to love yourself by the ways you express yourself, feel loved by being supported by people interested in your expressions and if you love them back you have found your soulmate.

What can I do when I'm on the app?⚓︎

  • You can make a living on the app by expressing yourself the way you like
  • You can explore, and find new interests
  • You can find what interests you to engage in a session (meeting between expresser and explorer)
  • You can search for people with similar interests to spend time with therefore having a higher chance of meeting the right person to vibe with and potentially a soulmate
  • [Temporarily Unavailable] You can donate to a charity and support a cause you care about

What can I do to make money on the app?⚓︎

By expressing yourself; adding and activating an expression. The limit is your imagination (and the law)! Making money without a degree, certificate, or skill is possible.

How is my privacy protected?⚓︎

We do not show any of your personal information on the app, not even your real name (unless in an emergency). Your information is stored on a server with encrypted storage, your password is hashed. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

How does exploring work?⚓︎

How do I explore?⚓︎

Learn more about Getting Started with Exploring Expressions

How do I pay/sign up for an expression I like?⚓︎

Learn more about Getting Started with Requesting Expressions

How am I sure I won’t be scammed of my money?⚓︎

  • To start the session, users must scan their QR code. If they don’t scan, the booking of the session will be timed out.

Learn more about Ending The Session As An Explorer and Ending The Session As An Expresser.

What is the guarantee that the person I paid for an expression will show up?⚓︎

Just like other apps, we don’t guarantee that the user you paid for will show up. If the user does not show up, you will get a full refund.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the expression?⚓︎

You rate the expression/expresser/overall session at the end of the session. Users and expressions with less than 10 ratings will have a icon instead of the "liked percentage".

Am I entitled to a refund?⚓︎

Yes, if the session has not started yet, or if the session ended before the designated time. (explained above)

How do I create an expression?⚓︎

Learn more about creating expressions.

How do I get paid?⚓︎

After you earn 100 EUR or more since your last redemption, you can submit a “Redemption Request” to get paid all/some of your earnings. This process takes about 5 working days.

What if no one pays for my expression?⚓︎

You will have two options:

  • Decrease the price of your expression
  • Choose a different expression

What if someone demands a refund?⚓︎

No one can demand a refund from a user of the app. They must contact us and explain the situation to get a refund.

How does safety work?⚓︎

Why do I need to verify my identity?⚓︎

We are doing our best to provide a safe and trust-based platform to our users. In order to establish this trust between our users, we offer identity verification option to all of our users.

What does the symbol next to a user's name mean?⚓︎

The symbol means that the user is verified.

How is my safety being checked?⚓︎

You will be setting a PIN during the Sign Up. Your safety will be checked periodically by default during a session with a PIN Prompt. If you fail to enter the PIN:

  • Your trusted contacts will be informed via SMS about your location, who you are with, and a short summary of events
  • An alarm will go off on your phone
  • You will be presented with the option to call the emergency services

Learn more about LORICE

What are the processes of verifying users?⚓︎

During the sign-up or once you decide to verify your identity, you will be asked for your identity document; such as your passport, ID, or drivers license. After your document is verified, your identity will be verified by our team in 5 working days.

Why should I trust this process?⚓︎

  • All users are verified on our platform, creating a community of verified, real people
  • Your safety is being checked as you wish
  • You will not lose any money
  • There is a rating system, which will create a sense of trust
  • We have a support team you can contact anytime

What Do I Do If I Want To Return A Forgotten Item?⚓︎

Please contact us and provide the following information:

We will contact the owner of the forgotten item and confirm the situation. Once the situation is confirmed, your contact address (phone number or email address) will be shared with the owner.

What Are Some Actions That May Result In Losing Access To Apogee?⚓︎

Not following any of our Community Guidelines may result in the loss of access to your account.

Here are a few examples:

  • Drug use and open containers of alcohol are never allowed while using the app
  • Discriminating against someone based on traits such as age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law
  • Using the app to commit any crime
  • Sexual assault or sexual misconduct

How Do I Return To My Ongoing Session?⚓︎

Please learn more about this at Returning To Your Ongoing Session