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Community Guidelines⚓︎

We have developed our Community Guidelines to help make every session feel safe and respectful. Whether you’re an explorer or an expresser, everyone is expected to treat everyone else with respect, help keep one another safe, and follow the law.

Not following any of our Community Guidelines may result in the loss of access to your account. Here are some examples of Community Guidelines violations:

  • Physical contact. Hurting or intending to hurt anyone.
  • Threatening and rude behavior. Using language or gestures that could be disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate.
  • Breaking laws. Violating any applicable law.
  • Discrimination. Discriminating against someone based on traits such as age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.
  • Drugs and alcohol. Expressing or exploring while intoxicated (it’s against the law).
  • Fraud. Deception can weaken trust and also be dangerous.
  • Account sharing. To use our app, you need to register and maintain an active account. Don’t let another person use your account, and never share your personal information used in connection with your account, such as your user name, password, and PIN with anyone else.
  • Sex while using our apps. Our app has a no-sex rule. Sexual contact is prohibited while using our app, including during a session, regardless of whether you know the person or they give you their consent.
  • Sexual assault and misconduct. Apogee prohibits sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind. Sexual assault and misconduct refers to sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent of the other person.
  • Unwanted contact with expressers or explorers after a session. Contact should end when the session is complete, unless it’s to return a lost item. For example, texting, calling, visiting, or trying to visit someone in person after completing a session is not allowed.


  • Only the users who are 18 years old or older are allowed to sign up
  • Users with a criminal background may be required to go through extended verification, and may be denied access to our services